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Champions League Round of 16: Bayern – Lazio

Bayern will have to significantly improve their performance compared to the first match to go through to the quarter finals. In a lacklustre performance in Rome they fell to a 1-0 defeat. Bayern have a history of big home wins after initial first leg away defeats but their current form certainly does not indicate that…


Champions League Round of 16: Real Sociedad – PSG

Real Sociedad were one of the surprises of the group stage, with incredible performances in a tough group with Portuguese champions Benfica and last year CL finalist Internazionale. They will have a difficult task up ahead to reach the quarter final as PSG will cherish their 2-0 lead from the first leg. The French Champions…


Is Money the Key to Footballing Glory?

The Premier League due to massive influx from broadcasting money has seen its financial position been strengthened over the last years compared to other European Leagues. Does this increased financial power manifest itself in spending and how sustainable is this trend for competitiveness in the future?  Manchester United’s 2023-2024 squad holds the dubious distinction of…