Which european league sees the most goals

Most of us end up watching football to see goals, and the attractiveness of a league is often largely determined by the amount of goals scored. The italian Serie A always for years has been labelled as boring and defensive- On the other side of the spectrum the dutch Eredivisie is known around the world for its attacking and attractive football with lots of goals and questionable defensive displays. But do these cliches actually tell the truth? Today we will dive into the statistics to provide you with the answers. 

The most goal-scoring leagues

For our analysis, we look at the major European football leagues with the top 11 leagues and the lower divisions for the top 5 leagues(18 major European leagues in total). The data is updated until 21-01-2024. 

Top 5 scoring leagues

Bundesliga 23.15
Premier League3.12
League Two3.03

As expected the Eredivisie is in the top scoring leagues, with 3.27 goals per game on average for the season 2024. Ajax is a major contributor to this number as Ajax games in the season 2023/24 see 4.16 goals per game on average, entertaining to say the least. 

Other than that, the German and English leagues are well represented in the top 5 with both the 2nd and first Bundesliga in the top 3 and the Premier League and League two finishing in 4th and 5th. 

Then now the least 5 scoring leagues, does the Serie A indeed rank lowest can we debunk the myth?

The 5 lowest scoring leagues

La Liga 22.37
Ligue 22.43
Scottish Premier League2.48
Ligue 12.50
League 12.55

The Spanish second division officially scores as the least scoring league with 2.37 goals per game on average. The league is very tight with many teams closely matched in terms of abilities and often sees a lot of low scoring draw matches. Furthermore, striking that both the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 are in the bottom regions of the list, clearly French teams are prone to defend well or play defensively. 

Another interesting stat was that the Serie A and Serie B both had 2.56 goals per game on average, both narrowingly missing out on the top 5 lowest scoring leagues but mightily close to each other in terms of goals per game.  

In short

Those who want to be entertained with many goals have a good choice in watching the Premier League, Eredivisie or Bundesliga. These leagues have up to 30% more goals per game than the lower scoring leagues. On the other hand, if you prefer cagey low scoring affairs, the French Leagues or La Liga 2 are up your alley.  

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