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Champions League Round of 16: Bayern – Lazio

Bayern will have to significantly improve their performance compared to the first match to go through to the quarter finals. In a lacklustre performance in Rome they fell to a 1-0 defeat. Bayern have a history of big home wins after initial first leg away defeats but their current form certainly does not indicate that…


Avoiding relegation: who is going down in Europe’s top 5 leagues?

Now that we are in the final half of the season it is time to closely look at the decisive developments on the top and bottom of each league. Today we will have a look at the less fortunate teams that are in danger of losing top flight football for the coming season. (Source Opta)…


Champions League battles, who directly qualifies for the golden tickets

We are over halfway now in the football season and the knockout rounds for this season’s Champions League are about to commence. However, in the national leagues the battles for next season’s highly coveted champions league spots are up for grabs. There are some very tight races up ahead in the coming months to secure…